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'Making music for a live audience in these times is a rare and always cherished opportunity, but being able to use my craft to help raise awareness and inspire the audience to give for this important cause has made it that much more meaningful' -Jakob Nierenz

How to organize a MusicForMoria event?

Anyone who shares the following values can cooperate with MusicForMoria:

  • As well the public as the musicians themselves should represent a divers group, including sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion and believe as well as social-cultural background.
  • Keep a welcoming and inviting athmosphere where this artistic manifestation creates connection and empathy.

What does a MusicForMoria-event entail?

  • Involve music. What ever that means. Use the resources you have.
  • Inform about the current situation of the refugees on Lesbos.
  • Help us to collect donations for HomeForAll.

How can you support us if you are not a musician/music therapist?

  • Help with finances and finding funding/ sponsors
  • Prepare the food for the staff on the event
  • Write something about our events
  • Take video recordings or fotos of the events
  • Help with translations
  • Help with designing posters/ banners/ etc.
  • Use your network to connect people that might want to get involved
  • Share our events and invite your friends

You want to plan an event or have other ideas how to help? Contact us!

List of possible events (including ideas for Covid-19 restrictions):

  • typical live concert with one act
  • live concert with various acts (small festival)
  • row of smaller concerts with single acts
  • live concert, but play the set several times to reach more audiance
  • live stream without audience (preferably with an experienced location)
  • tiny concert (go live on facebook or instagram)
  • a row of tiny concerts on different dates (go live on facebook or instagram)
  • zoom meeting (everyone from his/her own living room)
  • manifestation in a public place
  • play on the street and put a sign with MusicForMoria
  • musical experiments on the streets with passengers

Proposal for steps to plan a concert

Chose a setting, that will be Covid-19-proof concidering the current measurements; think of a plan B in case of adapting to new regulations If you plan to do a professional livestream, search for a location that has the required equipment.

  1. If you want to split the responsibilities, first find a team to cover the following tasks:
    (find location, invite musicians, write the program, do the social media, promote in the radio or newspaper, have an overall overview)
  2. Find location + sound technician and set the date (When chosing the location think of your personal investment -or of the group- and how this can be in proportion with the amount of people you will reach)
  3. Invite musicians and speakers; try to keep it local (think of travelcosts, flexibility)
  4. Find a group of staff for the event itself that is in charge of various tasks
    (entrance, moderator, stage manager, supervisor, corona-awareness-team, food for the staff, fotographer, livestream-camera-technician)
  5. Chose a payment method
    (pay what you want at the entrance, ticket reservation with donation confirmation, low or middle priced ticket to by in advance, open doors and donation boxes)
  6. Design a poster/Flyer (A QR-Code for the payment/donations might be usefull. Think also of ways to make it accessible for people who don’t use Social Media. You might use the music4moria e-mail adress.)
  7. Start promoting the event and inviting people (Social Media, newspaper, radio)
  8. Collect information from artists (tech rider + press kit)
  9. Invite people, post content day by day
  10. Write an event guide for the whole day (setlist with acts, speeches, moderation,visual content to be presented at the livestream; schedule incl. build-up and soundcheck)
  11. Be sure everything is prepared for the event
  12. Enjoy the concert
  13. Inform the public about the amount of donations you have collected.

How to make your own livestream

Organizations that are connected to the topic

Petitions you can sign


“I’ve lived in refugee camps myself for over one month.
It makes me happy to see what people like you do to help others!”
“It’s not always possible to help where you would like to help.
But you can support those who have the possibilities” – Alex