Livestream from Vestzaktheater

Oct 8, 2020

This livestream event took place in Vestzaktheater Enschede, which amazingly we could use from Concordia Enschede Concordia Website. Samuel Alidarso was responsible for the livestream and also edited it, thank you so much!

Chapters: 00:00 Welcome speech
02:04 1st act: Arthur Adams
19:04 Yesim speech
22:04 2nd act: Anne, Christian, Saleh, Yesim
39:45 Home for all video
44:20 3rd act: Michaela
59:17 Noor Speech
1:04:13 Songs of Moria Project
1:14:54 4th act Christian, Saleh, Yesim
1:23:37 5th act Job, Mira, Zorah

Youtube link - Livestream