Livestream in Concordia Vestzaktheater in Enschede

Nov 22, 2020


Our next concert is on its way! Please take your seats, find a comfortable position on your warm couches, and get ready for a unique experience of diverse music styles and musicians! Lets experience life through the beautiful music of these great musicians and travel to distant places together…

Dulcie is a singer-songwriter. While on stage, she performs her original tunes for voice and guitar. Her works are inspired by rock and country sounds, with a touch of her distinct timbre and thoughtful lyrics that unravel her perspective on life.

Robinson, Freitag & Caruso
The explosive trio of Robinson, Freitag, and Caruso will awaken your soul’s colors with the thrilling mix of free jazz, folk, and fast funk. The essence of the band is noticeable from the very first moment. Welcome to Robinson’s, Freitag’s, and Caruso’s world! Preview Robinson, Freitag & Caruso

Bella Luna
Coming from the Philippines and replanting her roots in the Netherlands enabled her to create a rich foundation for herself and discover the cultural differences between places and her own identity at a greater depth. Enjoy Bella Luna’s voice, accompanied by a gentle guitar, groovy bass, and luscious piano. Bella Luna on Facebook

Faisal, Zorah, Bruno, Michaela, Mira
A newly formed group of Faisal, Zorah, Bruno, Michaela, and Mira will take you to Afghanistan’s roots. A piano, violin, santur, and percussion will smoothly set the backdrop for Faisal’s voice as henarrates the stories of modern afghani songs. An inspirational and diverse group of passion lead listeners on an adventure through some world music.