Open call for questions about Moria 2.0 - interview prosponed

Jan 24, 2021

What is the reality of the new refugee camp “Reception Identification Center” (R.I.C)?
How are the living conditions?
How long do people stay there?
What is the hygiene like?
And the contact to the local people?
What kind of support do people get?

On Friday (22nd Jan. 2021), Music for Moria (MFM) will host an in-depth interview
with the founders of the NGO “Home for All”, Nikos and Katharina.
MFM gives the floor to you to ask any questions regarding the situation on Lesbos.
Share your questions with us, so we can bring them on the table during the interview with Nikos and Katerina.
The interview will be uploaded on Sunday (14th Feb. 2021) on all platforms. Subtitles in various languages will be included.

Share your questions by email ( , Facebook or Instagram