Music For Moria event - online

Feb 27, 2021

Wooow, this was exciting!
New setting, new musicians, new ideas.
Due to contunious adaptation to new measurements we decided to have a hybrid zoom event.
For the ones of you who enjoy also visual aesthetics, we invited an illustrator, who interpretated what he heard during the music performances.

Credits to…
… Samuel Alidarso for the live mixing and sound editing
… Robert Udo for the livestreams videos
… Vestzaktheater and Concordia for the recording location
ArtEZ Conservatirium for the extra technical equipment
… the Music For Moria - Team working behind the scenes

The collected money goes to ConnectByMusic for building a new music container in the Reception Identification Center R.I.C. on Lesbos.

Hereby a short introduction of the artists

FRÉ creates an uplifting, social musical experience — deep, danceable, witty and wholesome. Hovering over realms of progressive indie-pop and jazz-infused folk, FRÉ shares love and connection through deeply personal, self-reflective songs and stories. Pure emotions, rendered into sound.

Ellen Tackenkamp is a singer-songwriter, born in the Netherlands. Her songs are reminiscent of the 70s, a beautiful time for the movement of self-expression, freedom, and seeing and accepting each other as we all are. She will be accompanied by the percussionist Eddie Jensen.

Saher and Mira will take you to the other side of the Mediterranean Sea when singing Folklore from different Arab speaking countries. Their cultural backgrounds and contrasting voices bring a special flair to their interpretations of the songs, using the Oud and violin to emphasize their strong musical synergy.

Yingda Dong is an is an illustrator from China who currently studies at Luca School of Arts.
He likes to record his life experience in different scales of drawings, when he walks in the cities that he’s not familiar with, he becomes even more sensitive to capture precious moments, and uses his illustrations to dive the audiences into an abstract world.
Find more of his illustrations here

Alireza Sadeghi is a friend who wants to share his story. He came to Germany after finishing his school in Iran. His family comes originally from Afghanistan. Ali will tell about his own flight to Germany, his work at a reception center and the stories he heard, impressions about forced migration and more.