About the movement

MusicForMoria is a Community Music movement that uses music to raise awareness about the catastrophic conditions for people seeking refuge at the European borders and invite citizens to become politically engaged through their own music or through financial support.

Foto by Life Eliyahu

We are a group of music therapists, musicians and other passionate individuals that feel the urge to do something about the living conditions of thousands of people in the Mediterranean regions and even more important, stay active till things will change. We want to raise awareness about the fact that this so-called crisis is a crisis of humanity. Where political stakeholders forget about the most important fact, the right of having a safe place to call home.

Some of us have been to Moria camp in the past years and got an impression about what it means to live in those containers, receive the hate from local neo Nazis, stand in a line waiting for hours every month to be able to talk to the lawer. But we also were able to play music together, dance to all kinds of songs, enjoy a meal at Home For All and feel connections. Music is a shared language that gives all of us the opportunity to be human, even if just for a moment. Music goes beyond boarders, beyond money, beyond skin color; and yet it contains all of these aspects. It represents us as a multi-faceted society.

We see each country of the EU as responsible and implore them to take action and to create a welcoming environment where new people are able to contribute to society with their poetic thoughts, their beautiful voices and their loving hearts. We want to show solidarity with all the people at the Mediterranean Sea helping the new-arrivals or the ones that have been there already for months.

The media gives a very incomplete picture of the people arriving in Europe. Either they pick the shining heroes or the ones that are blamed for harassment. What about all the people in between? What about the gentle hairstylist, the curious architect, the full-time working mother, the sleepy teenager, the eccentric artist, the quiet poet, or all the other archetypes you can find anywhere else in the world? Why are these profiles not represented in the media? These new arrivals deserve to decide how they are perceived, not by a label or piece of paper the government or anyone else gives them, but by their own voice.

We want to encourage every human being to reconceptualize his/her way of perceiving the “other” and find empathy with the one that seems so far away from their own reality.

Who is playing? Which kind of music? And how? Is it new to me, different, uncomfortable, pleasant? How do I perceive it?

We invite you to take a moment to imagine that you sit in front of someone that left his/her home, his/her family, his/her belonging, his/her roots. This person is trying to find a safe place and hopefully a future in Europe. You are sitting in front of this person, looking into his/her eyes and you wish them all the best for their journey. Because it will be a tough one. The asylum procedure is long and complicated, you have to be lucky and patient. But it can be easier, with support, compassion and love.

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